Eliminating Wasted Space In Packaging: Some Solutions

When you have to ship some products of unusual shape or size, standard boxes just will not do. Either the boxes cannot contain the product properly, or there is a ton of wasted space inside the box. The unfortunate aspect of wasted space is that you pay for the weight and the size of the box to ship. Items shipped based on size is money lost with wasted space inside them. When you want to eliminate that wasted space (and hence, the added expense), use one of the following solutions.

Custom Packaging

The best solution is to hire a company that creates custom packaging for shipping purposes. A representative can come to your warehouse or packing department, examine the product, and then create a package to fit around the product without creating extra space. You may also be able to send pictures of the product and request a custom packaging design and quote.

Packaging Peanuts

Packaging peanuts can be somewhat annoying, but they do serve triple-duty when used in traditional packaging.

  1. They fill the wasted space in the box.
  2. They insulate and protect the product during shipping.
  3. Customers can actually reuse the peanuts to pack and ship other things, which saves them money, too.

Packaging peanuts are probably the most economical solution, right after custom packaging, because they can be reused.

Inflatable Shipping Poly-Bags

Another popular shipping box filler are poly-bags. These shipping bags are inflated with air, and act like cushions for the products in the box. They are very good at immobilizing everything while taking up empty air space.

Shipping Product Components in Separate Boxes

It is human nature to want a product to come fully assembled. Nobody likes the idea of having to put something together and not being able to use it right out of the box. However, this may be a reasonable shipping option when you are avoiding extra box space. If you take the components of the product apart, package them in smaller boxes, and then package all the boxed parts in a bigger box, you can cut back on the size of the big box to fit the smaller ones and cut back on air space.

The result might be that the product ships for the same price, or a little more than, the half-empty box. At least the space internally is not wasted. The smaller boxes also help insulate and protect the product's components during shipping. Try clicking here for more.