Replacing Someone On Stress Leave? Here Are Some Things To Watch For

When you use a staffing agency to get contract work, you'll often find yourself entertaining contract offers for various permanent employees who are on leave. Although no one who is interviewing you should reveal the personal details of an employee taking leave, you may accept a contract and then learn through office rumors that you're replacing someone who is currently on stress leave. This can be a good opportunity for you, as the person may continue to extend his or her leave — which should keep your contract going.

Become The Business Leader You Know You Can Be

Are you a business supervisor or manager ready to move up to the next level on the career ladder? If so, it is vital that you seriously consider getting leadership coaching services. Never make the common mistake of assuming that because you have years of experience, possess high-level business acumen and received a prestigious education that becoming a department head or executive will be easy. There is a vast difference between being an efficient manager and a top leader.

Starting Your Own Business? Get Help Through A Staffing Agency

One of the challenges that is common to face when you're starting your own business is effectively managing your time. As the business founder, you have the vision for how you want your business to be. However, when you're tied to the day-to-day tasks that are necessary, it can be difficult to take a step back and assess how you're working toward that vision. Even if you're a little tight on funds, it can be a good idea to think about your needs and then contact a staffing agency for professional staffing.

How To Avoid Credit Problems Due To Late Utility Bill Payment

Utility bills are something that many people rarely take seriously when it comes to their credit. However, late utility bill payments can be a major problem if you aren't careful. Thankfully, you can avoid the negative effects of this problem quite easily. Late Utility Payments Can Impact Your Credit One thing that few people may not understand is that late utility payments can negatively affect your credit score. While the typical credit score generated by FICO does not take these payments into account, alternative scores do.