Got A Dirty Restaurant Floor To Clean? Three Janitorial Supplies You Can Buy To Make The Process Faster And Your Floor Cleaner

If you own a restaurant, your floors may be filthy at the end of the night. Patrons drag dirt and debris in from outside, food and crumbs can fall to the floor, and grease and sauce in the kitchen can splatter. While it is important to sweep up and clean any messes that you can throughout the day, the real challenge comes at night. You need to remove all of this debris and residue from your floor in order to keep it sanitary and clean and also to protect your staff and patrons from slipping and falling. Having the right janitorial supplies can help you clean faster and more efficiently, all while leaving you with a cleaner restaurant floor. Here are three janitorial supplies you may want to have on hand for your vinyl or tile restaurant floor. 

An Upright Scrubber

Mops are typically used to clean restaurant floors. However, mops spread around germs and are not the best way to remove grime, germs and bacteria from floors. If you want to properly clean your floors, invest in an upright scrubber. An upright scrubber looks like a vacuum cleaner. But it holds water and soap. When you turn the machine on, it spritzes the area you are cleaning with the soapy water, passes a scrubbing brush over it to loosen debris and dirt and then suctions away the water. This leaves you with a clean floor without you having to lug around a bucket full of water that quickly fills with germs and dirt. 

An Enzyme Floor Cleaner

Removing grease from a floor can be tough. You may find yourself scrubbing by hand just to remove all of the grease. But instead of using soap or traditional chemical-based floor cleaners, there is an easier way. An enzyme-based floor cleaner quickly and easily gets rid of greases. Enzymes eat away the grease quickly and easily, without you having to scrub. Best of all, this cleaner can be used on more than just the floor. It can be sprayed on the walls or used in your oven or on your stove. If there is grease, use turn to an enzyme-based cleaner. 

A Floor Restorer

Cleaning your floor often is a must in a restaurant. But unfortunately, this can leave your tile or vinyl floor looking faded or worn. Soap residue can build up on the floor and dull its natural shine and hide its coloring. A floor restorer should be used as needed to remove the soap build-up and restore the original look to your floor, leaving your restaurant not only clean, but aesthetically appealing as well. 

Having the right cleaning supplies can make cleaning more efficient. Stop by your preferred janitorial supplies store today to see what products they have that may help to make cleaning your restaurant more efficient. Visit a site like for more help.