Four Little Luxuries For Your Office Waiting Room

If you're like most adults, and you've had some nightmarish experiences in an office waiting room, you can understand why your customers may not be thrilled when they're told they need to wait. So how can you make the experience more pleasant?

A Selection of Beverages

It's uncomfortable to wait in someone's lobby without any kind of beverage option. You're dehydrated, you need a caffeine fix, and you're just downright cranky. Offering a selection of beverages will ease the tension of wait time. 

In addition to filtered water, sparkling water is a very nice touch. A hot water dispenser, complete with a selection of teas, will often be welcome. 

Let's not overlook the waiting room offering that will get you the greatest amount of brownie points: good coffee. Having coffee that you would drink on a daily basis in your waiting room is a sign that you value your customers and their time. 

Good Lighting

Gone are the days when fluorescent lighting cuts it in waiting rooms. Offer your guests some mellow lighting, coupled with good natural lighting whenever possible. Some of the coolest lobbies are ones that apply adaptive reuse techniques with lighting fixtures that are made out of other everyday objects, such as mason jars. 


On one hand, people don't require waiting room entertainment as much as they used to. Most people will be buried in their phones. On the other hand, waiting room material could give you a chance to connect with your customers. They're just sitting there, waiting to interact with one of your representatives. Why not throw in a magazine with clever articles and a bit of pep talk for your business?

Courteous, Prompt Waiting Room Staff

You may not be able to control the fact that people have to wait sometimes. But what you can control is the staff. Having a person at the front desk who is slow as molasses, or who seems reluctant to communicate about wait times, or who fails to convey that you are quickly handling their appointment for any reason will be a big negative. You can turn that around by having staff that are well-trained and with it. 

All of these features are ones your clients or customers will thank you for. Since wait times can be one of the most frustrating parts of a business experience, it makes sense to invest some resources into making this a less trying experience for your guests. 

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