Keeping Your Medical Practice's Janitorial Closet Stocked

Cleanliness is of the utmost importance in a medical practice, and that means your janitorial staff needs the right supplies to keep your exam rooms and waiting room clean and ready for patients. Here are some of the supplies you'll want to keep in stock in your janitorial closet.

Germicidal Cleaners And Disinfectants

Preventing the spread of germs from one potentially sick patient to another is an important part of keeping your office clean. Germicidal cleaners and disinfectants can help you to do just that. Look for cleaners that can be used on multiple surfaces, such as the vinyl covering for your exam tables and waiting room chairs. You can purchase wipes that feature germicide, which are ideal for quickly wiping down surfaces after each patient exam. Cleaners in spray bottles make it easy for your janitors to clean every surface in your office at the end of each day. Be sure to choose cleaners that are effective against mold and mildew as well as bacteria and viruses for added cleanliness.

Biomedical Waste Bags

It's important for the staff in your office to properlly dispose of biomedical waste, such as specimen swabs, soiled latex gloves, or testing strips. This means having a separate bio-waste bin in each exam room. You'll want to make sure you have plenty of clearly labeled biomedical waste bags available so your janitorial staff can ensure these bins have the proper receptacle liners for safe handling. Regular trash bags should be used for non-hazardous items, and they should be used in separate trash bins placed away from the bio-waste containers. Running out of these bags means you won't be able to dispose of hazardous items properly, so consider buying in bulk and having your janitorial staff alert you when the supply runs low.

Cleanup Kits

From time to time, you may have issues with biomedical waste that needs to be cleaned in your exam rooms. This type of waste can include bodily fluids or tissue, and your janitorial staff needs the right equipment to safely clean these areas without risking infection. You can find cleanup kits that are designed specifically for this purpose. They typically include medical-grade gloves, spatulas for picking up the waste material, hazard disposal bags, face masks, and antiseptic wipes. These kits can sometimes be mounted to the wall in your exam rooms, or they can be kept on the janitorial staff's cleaning carts. It's a good idea to instruct your entire office staff on how to use the kits properly in the event that there is a cleanup needed when you don't have a janitor present.

Talk to your janitorial staff about which types of supplies might make their jobs easier, and stock up on those items so they can keep your office clean and ready for patients. To learn more about available janitorial equipment, contact companies like Mailender.