Printer Care: Preventing Problems In The Office

To run a successful office, you have to be confident that all the machines and equipment are functioning well. Printers can sometimes be ignored or overlooked, but when there's a printer problem, work in the entire office can slow or stop altogether. To avoid that, some printer care is wise. You and workers can utilize the steps below to protect any office printers:

Check Manual

If you're like many, you probably haven't even seen the manuals that came along with the printers you're using. In fact, you might still not have an idea of where those manuals are. However, locating them online or ordering a hard copy will give you cleaning tips, maintenance ideas and other information that deepens your understanding of the machines and how best to care for them.

Use Compressed Air

Dust and particles build up as the paper is used; removing that debris is good for your printers. An easy way to move all that dust is to use some type of compressed air. The air will blow out any debris.

Wipe with Swabs

The various ink and toner cartridges inside each printer can be cleaned so that dust doesn't infiltrate them. You can use small cotton swabs dipped in vinegar or distilled water to wipe dust. Consult the manual before doing this, however; some parts should never become wet.

Cover at Night

An easy way to prevent the buildup of lint or dust is to cover all your printers when the last person leaves for the day. You're likely to see less dust over time inside the machines if you take this easy step.

Print Blank Pages

A way to give a printer a break and to collect lingering toner and dust is to print off a few blank pages. In addition, if there are printing problems you're unaware of, a printed blank page could clue you in.

Look for Replacement Retailers

You can sometimes take note of issues that need to be resolved without replacing the printer. For instance, after days of paper jamming, you may pick up new rollers for a machine instead of not using the printer anymore. Keep track of retailers who can provide replacement parts so you're able to purchase when you need them.

These suggestions protect your printers so they'll last. Discussing these tips with everyone in the office can ensure that each person does what they can to prolong printer life.