Own A Company? 3 Types Of Business Transcription You Can Use

If you have a company and often have to type letters to customers, give lecturers, write meeting notes, etc., you should consider using business transcription instead of typing everything on your own.  If you are interested in this, below are different types of transcription that are available.

Types of Business Transcriptions

Some of the different types of business transcriptions include:

Edited Business Transcription

Edited business transcription is the most formal type. For example, it works well if you are planning to publish your content or if you are giving a lecture of conference. When finished the transcription it will be edited fully and made to sound formal and ensure it is readable and the reader will have full clarity.

If you have clients that do not speak English, you can hire someone to translate your work into the right language using edited business transcription.

Verbatim Business Transcription

With verbatim transcription, everything you say will be transcribed, such as pauses in speech, laughter, etc. It would also include incomplete sentences you may make or other noises.

You will likely find this type of transcription to be expensive but it works well in different types of situation. For example, police investigations often use this type of transcription because it allows them to get to know the person much better and to know how they react to certain questions. This can also benefit lawyers who prosecute the case if it ends up going to court.

This type of transcription also works well if you are interviewing someone or if you are doing some type of market research that you have to give to other people.  

Intelligent Verbatim Business Transcription

Intelligent verbatim transcription is more formal because it omits things like pauses, laughter, etc., when transcribing the conversation. The transcriber will do some light editing to the transcription when they are finished to ensure all grammar and sentences are transcribed correctly, and the transcriber will remove all irrelevant sentences and words.

Intelligent verbatim transcription is often used in businesses, such as transcribing notes for a meeting or a letter to a client. The medical field commonly uses this type of transcription because it is important that what they are reporting is well written and professional.

Contact a company that offers business transcription services to learn much more about the different types they offer. They can help you decide what would work best for you and your company.