How To Decorate Your Bedroom With A New Orleans Theme

There is so much beauty in New Orleans, Louisiana that it makes total sense to decorate your bedroom with a New Orleans theme. If you have decided to use a New Orleans look, think of words like dramatic, colorful and Mardi Gras as you plan your bedroom design.

The Wall Treatment - Go for color!

  • Think of painting the walls a very bright color. For example, turquoise or hot pink would both be great. 
  • If you think that bright colors would overwhelm you, consider using them only to enhance a more mellow tone on your walls. 
  • For example, select softer colors of paint like eggshell blue or very pale lavender and then stenciling with a brighter color around the top of the room.
  • Masks, court jesters or a fleur-de-lis pattern would all be appropriate stencils for a New Orleans bedroom theme.

The Furniture - Go for antiques! Or, at least go for antique reproductions.

  • Think of having a brass headboard for your bed. An antique one would be wonderful, but a reproduction would work well, too.
  • Bedside tables and other furniture pieces with a French feeling to them would be good in a New Orleans bedroom.
  • Think of buying a decorative floor mirror and hang Mardi Gras beads on it.
  • Use a lot of color for your bedspread and throw pillows. Instead of matching them exactly, go with patterns that complement each other. 
  • If you have enough room, consider buying wrought iron furniture for a sitting area.

The Extras - Go for pizzaz!

  • Frame pictures of New Orleans landmarks and put them on the walls. For example, a picture of Bourbon Street at night would be great.
  • Do a grouping of different kinds of masks. Besides the traditional jester mask and other decorative masks, you could even include Venetian masks.
  • Pay attention to detail. For example, add fringe to lamp shades to give them extra attention.
  • Hang Mardi Gras beads in as many places as you can. For example, place them in brightly colored vases and let them hang over the edges. Get  decorative holders for
  • necklaces and hang Mardi Gras beads from them.

Think of even decorating the front of your bedroom door. For example, you could hang Mardi Gras beads on the front of your door and add stenciled or freehand words like, There Is Nothing As Wonderful As New Orleans! Another idea is to cover your bedroom door with a New Orlean wall mural.

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