3 Reasons To Install Window Tint On Your Rental Property Windows

Whether yo own a large apartment complex or a single-family unit that you rent out, your job as the property owner is to do all you can to ensure tenants feel at home. There are all kinds of property upgrades you can do that will elevate the value of a property in the eyes of a tenant, but adding window tint to the windows may not be a change you consider. Quality window tinting on the windows of your rental units is a good investment for sure. Take a look at three reasons you should install window tint on your rental property windows. 

Elevate privacy ad security on behalf of your tenants. 

When tenants view a rental property for the first time, there will be one question lingering in their mind: Will they feel safe in the property? With window tint on the windows, it blocks the view from onlookers into the rental unit, so the tenant can feel more comfortable in their own home. Not only that, when people up to no good cannot see what s inside of a property, they will be less likely to find a reason to get in. 

Protect the interior of the rental property from direct UV exposure. 

Upkeep is a huge thing as a landlord, so investing in property changes that protect the hard work you put into a place is important. If the windows do not have sun protection, the bright rays of sunlight streaming into the house can do everything from fade paint to changing the color of wood floors. Window ten is designed to block ot most of those harmful UV rays so you will not have to worry about sun damage to a unit's interior if a window does not have blinds or curtains constantly shielding the light. 

Prevent glass from shattering during storms or with a direct hit. 

Glass itself is only so resilient on its own. However, when you add a good quality window tint to the glass of a window, it will not shatter and break in the same fashion. The best window tint products, such as 3M window ten, are constructed to actually hold broken glass together if it takes a direct hit and shatters. This prevents glass shards from flying into the home and causing injury, but is also a great security measure as well since a window will not be left wide open if it is broken during a storm. 

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