Strategies For Planning Your Keywords

Keyword research is critical for SEO and if you plan to run advertisements on your website. Finding the best keywords for your website will improve your rankings, thereby increasing the visibility of your business.


All good keyword strategy begins with a planning stage. The best strategy is to focus on keywords that will fit your business. When people try to make their business fit keywords, it often results in bad, unnatural content.

Think from the perspective of people using search engines or your most likely customer. For example, if you have a store that sells computer parts, your most likely customer would be someone who is interested in repairing, upgrading, or building a computer.

If you have a brick-and-mortar store, you should also plan your keywords around your geography. There will be instances where people will search for computer parts in or around a specific location, and you will need to capitalize on local searches.


Once you have a general plan, you will use a keyword research tool to find the right keywords. Generally, these tools give you information on the most popular keywords, competitiveness, and related keywords.

Many people focus on the keywords that are the most popular, meaning they have a high search volume. This is not always the best strategy because these keywords are often highly competitive, often with the major competitors being established retailers.

Try to choose relevant keywords that are the best compromise between high search volume and lower competitiveness. Sometimes related keywords will give you the best compromise and reward for your efforts. These related keywords may also be more in line with how people search for products.

Maybe the keyword "laptop memory" is popular, but highly competitive, but you might find "laptop memory upgrade" is less competitive and frequently used by people looking to upgrade their memory.


Although you have selected keywords for your website and have integrated them into the content and product descriptions, this is not the end of your efforts. It is important to regularly evaluate your website to determine how any changes affect the traffic to your website.

Typically, back-end software can be used for analytic purposes. Any changes you make to the keywords you use may not make an immediate difference, so you should evaluate the result of your changes on a weekly or monthly basis.

Some changes that can be helpful are whether more people are finding your business through organic searches and how long they spend on your website. If more people are finding your website through organic searches, this is a good indicator of better rankings.

Additionally, the longer visitors spend on your website, it typically means they are interested in your business and find your content or products relevant to their search. You might also notice certain pages on your website perform better than others, which can indicate more popular topics or be a sign that other pages are not ranking as well.

Keyword research is necessary for an effective business website. When your website or individual pages can rank highly, you will see a major difference in the amount of traffic and sales. For more information, contact a business that offers website SEO services.