3 Essentials To Make Your Business Handicapped Accessible

From managing employees and running marketing campaigns to ensuring your business is and remains profitable, it is easy to see the challenges of running a business. Other aspects of running your business may not even seem like a priority, though. For example, ensuring your business is handicap accessible is imperative for many reasons. Not only are certain guidelines required by law, but making your business accessible for all is an important part of customer service, especially since an estimated 131,800,000 people in the world need a wheelchair. This guide will offer a few essentials your business will need to ensure it is wheelchair accessible.


To get started, you need to make sure your parking lot is prepared for your handicapped customers and visitors. This means you should have a sufficient number of parking spaces designated for your handicapped visitors. These spaces should be easily accessible from a short distance to the front entrance of your business. However, that is not the only consideration.

Parking spaces should be available for ordinary vehicles with handicapped drivers and handicapped vehicles, such as vans. There should also be a space between each of the handicap spaces to accommodate individuals moving in and out of the vehicle with their wheelchair.


Another area to focus on is the actual walkways from the parking lot to your business entrance and around the interior.

You want the walkways and aisles to be in good condition and free of any cracks, crevices, or other damage that would make visiting and moving through your business difficult in a wheelchair. Also, doorways should be wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs.

These simple updates are minor for most business owners, but they mean a great deal to handicapped visitors.


Finally, investing in wheelchair ramps and even lifts for your business is smart.

Navigating stairs in a wheelchair is not only difficult, but it can also be physically and emotionally overwhelming.

A ramp leading up to your front entrance, for example, is essential. You may also want to consider ramps inside the business if your customers or visitors have any need for changing levels/floors.

Wheelchair lifts are important, too, for helping visitors navigate a business with multiple levels if there are no elevators present.

Having ramps and actual lifts for your handicapped visitors will make handicapped customers more willing to visit your business and more willing to continue visiting your business over the years. Contact a company like Gillettewheelchair.com today for more information.