3 Fun Things You Can Do With Your New Padauk Platter

Whether you've been gifted a Padauk wood platter  or you've decided to purchase one, there are a variety of fun things you can do with the hardwood platter once you get it home. Of course you can always serve sliced fruit, appetizers, and snacks on your platter when guests are visiting. Here are a few other fun ideas to consider:

Use it as a Centerpiece

The beauty of your new Padauk platter can be shown off every day by using it as a centerpiece on one of the tables in your home. You can place it on your dining room table and put shelf-stable condiments or a bouquet of flowers on top of it. Or show the platter off on your coffee table where it can accommodate a pot of coffee, some cream and sugar, and a few mugs.

An end table in your family room, a table on your porch, and even your kitchen's island counter are all great places where you can create a centerpiece using your new platter. Using stones, marbles, candles, and fruit, you can create a unique centerpiece that won't be found in the houses of your friends, family members, or neighbors.

Turn it Into a Shelf

You can also turn your new Padauk platter into a beautiful shelf that can hold books in the living room, personal hygiene items in the bathroom, pajamas in the bedroom, and board games in the family room. Or hang the platter outside on the porch to create a handy space where herb plants or flowers can be displayed.

To create a shelf using your platter, install metal or wooden shelf arms on a preferred wall and then set the platter on top of the arms. You can screw the platter to the arms to keep it in place so it stays put for many years to come. Or just store heavy items on the shelf so it won't slip or fall when people walk by it – this way you can move the shelf or reuse the platter without having to worry about dealing with screw holes.

Use it While in Bed

If you enjoy spending lazy mornings, afternoons, or evenings in your bedroom once in awhile, you can always turn your new Padauk platter in to a bed tray. When you are feeling generous, you can serve your loved one a complete breakfast in bed or just serve some fruit and coffee that can be enjoyed together. Use your bed tray to read magazines when you're feeling under the weather. Or enjoy a cup of tea in the evening while watching a movie and readying for sleep. Use a stencil to create a custom design on the surface of the platter to give it a little more pizzazz.