CBD Tinctures And The Best Ways To Use Them

CBD or cannabidiol is one of the fastest-growing industries in the country, and the benefits of CBD are still being discovered every day. There are many very different products on the market that contain cannabidiol, but understanding the proper use of the product is critical to getting any benefit from it.  

CBD Tinctures

Tinctures are one of the most common types of CBD products on the market because they are easy to use and offer many options, including the strength, flavors, and the way they can be used. It is essential that when you are considering a tincture, you understand what you are getting and how to best use it. The information is not always easy to find. 

Tinctures fall into the edibles category, and the oil is often taken in a drop straight under the tongue, in food, or in drinks. Tinctures are also commonly available in higher strengths for large dosages if the user needs them. Because they can be taken directly, it is easy for you to use the dropper and measure out the amount you want.  Just drop it under your tongue and let it absorbed into the bloodstream. 

Understanding Dosages

CBD does not have a set dosage that you should take, although there are some recommendations online from several sources. The advice from most sources is to start small and increase the dose until you find the one that works for you. 

It is essential to understand the amount of CBD in the tincture when you are shopping for your first CBD tincture. A bottle marked asCanna River Mandarin Tincture 5000mg CBD Oil has 5000mg in the entire bottle, not per dose. If you are only using twenty milligrams a day, a 5000mg CBD oil would last a long time and require you to take a minimal amount. There are people taking much higher dosages for pain control or anxiety that may need a CBD tincture with a large amount of CBD in it. 

Using a CBD Tincture

While CBD tinctures are extremely effective taken directly, not everyone likes the flavor of them. One excellent option is to add some CBD tincture or CBD oil to a drink like a smoothie or maybe some morning breakfast yogurt. The oil can be difficult to mix into coffee or other products, but if you can find a food that it combines with, it can help cover the oily constancy of the CBD oil and make it easier to take.

You can also add CBD oil or tinctures to foods to disguise them, so experiment with the tincture until you find a way to take it that works best for you.