2 Creative Solenoid Valve Customization Strategies

Solenoid control valves are electrically controlled valves commonly used in the automotive, medical, construction, power, industrial, and manufacturing industries. Businesses in these sectors employ solenoid valves to control the flow of gas and liquids. However, off-the-shelf solenoid valves, while acceptable, often require some manner of compromise on performance and efficiency. For this reason, many of the world's top valve manufacturing companies recommend custom-built solenoid valves. Businesses can work with custom solenoid valve manufacturers to build a unique flow management system that meets their needs. The development of custom valves empowers companies to maximize the efficiency of their flow management system. However, the customization options for solenoid valves are virtually endless. If you'd like to customize solenoid valves to suit your business and improve your bottom line, here are two creative solenoid valve customization strategies that you can consider.

Business Can Use Solenoid Valve Customization for Decontamination Strategy

If your business manufactures sensitive products such as food and medical products, product contamination during manufacturing is a serious concern. Cross-contamination in food and medical product processing can expose customers to allergens and heavy metals. Hazards like these can be significant and even fatal threats to your business, livelihood, and customers. A common custom solenoid valve request in such an environment is custom latching solenoid valves. You can integrate solenoid valves into your manufacturing facility's conveyor and contaminant detection systems to control the flow of power that keeps the machinery in motion. When your systems detect contaminants, the latched solenoid control valve can automatically receive an electric pulse. This pulse can cause the control valve to detach, instantly halting your manufacturing machinery. This pause in production provides your employees with the opportunity to immediately react to the contaminant issue by removing the offending contaminant.

Business Can Use Solenoid Valve Customization for Increased Fuel Efficiency

If your business manufactures or drives a fleet of vehicles, optimizing fuel economy is a significant concern. Solenoid valves can facilitate the design of more efficient automobile fuel systems. Companies can order custom solenoid valves that have additional valve positions. A custom solenoid valve that has three valve positions can facilitate the design of an advanced fueling system that recirculates fuel fumes back into the fuel tank for reuse when the vehicle's engine is off. Electric pulses toggle the valve's position. Position one diverts fumes for storage, position two diverts fumes to the engine, and position three stops fumes from venting into the tank when a vehicle is being refueled.


These strategies are great applications of custom solenoid valve design. If you'd like custom solenoid valves for your needs, contact a custom valve manufacturer today!

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