Softer Water? Softer You!

If you live in an area with hard water, you've probably had friends — and perhaps even your plumber — recommend that you install a water softener. After years of living with hard water, you may wonder if this is really necessary. Hard water still works. It still hydrates you, and it still cleans your surfaces. Why, then, would you spend the money on a water softener? Well, as it turns out, water softeners have a wide array of benefits. By softening or removing minerals from your water, they also make you and items in your home softer! Here's a closer look at what that means.

Water softeners make your skin softer.

The minerals in hard water tend to build upon your skin over time. They also react with soaps, creating a residue that may make your skin feel dry and scaly. Applying lotion may help somewhat, but you may feel like your skin never truly gets hydrated because the layer of minerals prevents the lotion from being fully absorbed. Install a water softener, though, and your skin should become softer. As you begin bathing in soft water, you should have fewer problems with itchiness and dryness, and you may notice you become less dependent on lotions.

Water softeners make your clothing softer.

Do you feel like your clothes become stiff and hard to fold? The longer you have them, the stiffer they get. This is not just the fabric wearing in its natural way. That stiffness is actually due to a buildup of minerals and soap scum on the clothing. Install a water softener, and your clothes and towels will remain much softer and easier to fold. Drying off with a towel washed in soft water is a much more enjoyable experience. Your clothes will last longer, too.

Water softeners make your hair softer.

It's not just your skin and towels that suffer from mineral buildup. Minerals can also accumulate on your hair. Sometimes this makes your hair feel dry and crunchy. Other times, it makes your hair feel weighed down and flat. It really depends on your hair. In either case, washing your hair in soft water will allow the minerals to dissipate, making your hair softer and smoother again.

As you can see, installing a water softener is not just about making your water soft. It's also about making you and the items you wash softer.

For more information on if a water softener is right for you, contact a professional near you.